My Collaboration in this Project:
UI: Mobile and Web Interface design
UX: Prototype & Workflow to plan the user usage flow.
Branding: Logo design & Iconography
Visual design: Photography & motion graphics
Graphic Design: Printed material design 
The Challenge for this project was to improve the experience when people buy and sell:
1. Pay with your phone, avoiding to carry any cash and Bank Cards.
2. Avoid bank terminals and improve income administration.​​​​​​​
The thing was easy, The business was provided with several platforms to sell their products/services:
- A responsive web app which ables the user to manage their stores and measure their incomes.
- QR printed cards for the user to Scan and pay. 
-Finally and the most immediate, a mobile app to display QR's and track daily movements.
On the other side the customer was provided with a mobile app where they could digitalize their bank cards and use these to pay by scanning the business QR's.
Clients were supposed to pay with this digital app and the Business was charging via QR codes. The money was being transfered to the business account at the same moment.
Done! An easier way to pay and charge.

For This project I worked on several graphic fields, Some Branding, Industrial design, graphic design, User Experience planning, Interface design  and some illustration
(including photography and iconography).
The Logo
The apps
Play store & App store images for the Customer mobile app: 
Play store & App store images for the Business mobile app: 
Onboarding Area, Business App
Adobe Illustrator Visual Flow Diagram (pending)
Adobe XD Prototype & Visual Flow Diagram
This app was a Short version of the responsive web app which included much more details.
 (This UI was designed by a business partner: Serguei Orozco).
Landing page Websites:

Printed Material
A second phase was applied where our service was provided to third party companies like Anytime Fitness.. LuegoLuego built a custom app for them to use:

AnyTime Fitness Custom App Flow demo
Motion graphic animated gif loader:
 The project was about to get launched but the government in mexico implemented this payment mode forcing banks to use it by their platform and was a complete stopper :(