Work trajectory details​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
 I've been working since I was 16 in customer service until I started studying for my college degree. Then I started my first intern job as a graphic designer. Here is a timeline from my current job and past activities.

My first job was as an intern at Tradecorp doing graphic design, then I started working as a web designer in MarcomLogix for about 3 years until I moved to my next job at Farmacias Guadalajara, where I worked as UI/UX designer, improving old digital systems, then started working as a product designer where I designed, researched and polished some nice fancy public products for the company. Just when I delivered my final project, started a new job at Oracle in a small team where I work now and I've been there since 2015. I've done a lot of stuff there but mostly UI work doing experimental projects and mainly working on a web-based community where Oracle clients get information and get answers from other community experts. 

I  work as a contractor in parallel with Alpha Wave Systems as a product designer (I mostly do UI and what I kinda know as a UX researcher) and also I still work for Farmacias Guadalajara creating a new design system and some UI work.
2015- Today
Oracle México​​​​​​​
This is my main and current job, I work from home in a small team doing great stuff. I create user-centered designs by understanding business requirements and the voice of the customer.
I work along with an internal small design team with the purpose of transforming new ideas into new digital products. We also work to improve some existing products.
User Interface design
Work-based on UX research and implementation for improving and managing the development of a large web community’s product called Cloud Customer Connect. Nowadays we design based on a new Design system called "Redwoods".

Interaction design
Work dedicated to the creation of prototypes and demos to test and "feel" the user interactions with the user on the product.
Sometimes I'm able to do animated elements dedicated to composing the product like preloaders and animated illustrations.
Visual/graphic design
Mandatory work for the handoff creating redlines, specs, assets and illustrations, image compositions, icons, etc.
Sometimes I have the luck of creating illustrations and graphic material for events and awards like t-shirts, Certificates, pins, and other fun things.

Visual QA
Part of my job is to ensure quality by doing design QA on handed-off projects to match design mockups.
2012- 2015
Farmacias Guadalajara

This was a great experience, Here I worked at the system's department and the director's vision helped me design, create and explore and try lots of new ideas to improve the whole company.
I worked as a designer based on my basic development knowledge and other development peers and user research work to design internal company products as well as public projects like the online sales website, and the store's salespoint interface.
User experience design
With no scientific experience about the topic, I had to create UX practices to understand user needs and detect product pain points
I did some user research for specific use cases, created personas to feel the designs, and did user flow testing with basic HTML/CSS code to see how the user behaves on the product (there was no XD, Sketch, or Figma those days)
I had to work with a lot of department company peers asking questions and doing surveys to understand the real needs to cover the product. 
I even requested to work for some days as a cashier to feel and understand this type of persona.
User interface design
Using Illustrator and Photoshop I was able to create all the UI work. From wireframes, user flows to any high-quality mockups.
I did a lot of UI improvements for Internal and public digital products (mobile app, web design, and other digital products  from different platform systems 
Experimental projects
- I worked designing from new ideas and emerging technologies to create new application prototypes with its own brand, user flowcharts, demos, and mockups.
- Scout and research for new technologies around the world
I'm still working here ;)
I'm still working on this company as a freelancer creating a design system among other digital projects similar to what I used to do before.
2009- 2012
Marcom Logix
This was my first job as a user interface designer, I learned to code basic HTML/CSS  web structures and the whole notion of doing design work for developers :) 
Please download my resume to see my complete work trajectory
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