I'm Juan Pablo Martinez
I mostly work as a visual designer to create digital interfaces and user experiences by their interaction design. As a freelancer, I do UI/UX and brand image design. As a hobby, I do Illustrations, animations, sculpting, and 3d modeling to apply them more professionally in some time.
I live in Mexico among my family with two daughters and an old dog, we love to explore this country, we love our world I guess so I'm working hard to live green, avoiding the waste of our resources by using more green ones, also to grow our own food and energy.
I love to stare at art like photography, paintings, sculpting, and urban art. Also, I enjoy watching movies and playing video games.

Agile Work Metodologies
- Scrum
- Kanban
- Design Thinking
Spanish 100%
English 70% (6.5 IELTS tested)
Work trajectory
 I've been working since I was 16 in customer service until I started studying for my college degree. Then I started my first intern job as a graphic designer. Here is a timeline from my current job and past activities.

My first job was as an intern at Tradecorp doing graphic design, then I started working as a web designer in MarcomLogix for about 3 years until I moved to my next job at Farmacias Guadalajara, where I worked as UI/UX designer, improving old digital systems, then started working as a product designer where I designed, researched and polished some nice fancy public products for the company. Just when I delivered my final project, started a new job at Oracle in a small team where I work now and I've been there since 2015. I've done a lot of stuff there but mostly UI work doing experimental projects and mainly working on a web-based community where Oracle clients get information and get answers from other community experts. 

I  work as a contractor in parallel with Alpha Wave Systems as a product designer (I mostly do UI and what I kinda know as a UX researcher) some design work for Farmacias Guadalajara and now, Im focused on a new startup called Blue Roster, working as a product and brand designer, creating Interfaces, brand design and a new design system for the company.
I have a bachelor’s degree in design from the University of ITESO, campus Guadalajara, Mexico.
This was an amazing experience, not just because it was the university but because I paid for it, hard times in my family, good learning times for me. IT took me 10 years to get my degree!
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