Alpha Wave Systems
Brand design, Web design,  Product design
About this project
Alpha Wave Systems is one of those Silicon Valley-type companies working in Mexico. They are dedicated to build products based on emerging tech and innovations. And also they have several potential clients which they worked for and I had the opportunity to participate as a UI/Interaction designer with them.

My participation
I worked in a wide range of design areas, mostly user interface but also graphic design, user experience research, animation and Interaction design. 
Brand design
I created the corporate brand based on the idea of lifting a product with technological innovations.
Corporate Manual
In case they need to apply their logo anywhere, they need some redlines to guide and limit the logo's usage in a correct manner; For this  use case, I created a manual with some predefined applications:
Logotype Applications:
The main items needed to start were presentation cards, a branded sheet, a receipt, and an email signature:
UI/UX and nteraction design 
To show off their projects, a portfolio website
I designed this website to let the company show off their potential clients to help the salesman offer their services, created detail of every client's project. Easy task because I designed myself the products seen in their portfolio.​​​​​​​
Print ready portfolio catalogue
Created a quick email share document with the main company's portfolio:
Some of their clients:
- Zoológico de Guadalajara
- Busolínea
- Bansí banco
- Digacel (A third party company bonded with Telcel)
- Happy go

Some of their unique projects:
- Smart TV boxes for business
- Nect (Talent local knowledge social network)
- Fast Mobile coupons
- Beacon IO

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