Luego Luego​​​​​​​
User Experience, UI Design, Illustration, Graphic design
About the project
This is a project built on a pre-startup called Credytag. It began with the simple idea of being able to pay with a smartphone by scanning a QR codes; we built a partnership of about 8 people who was in charge of different areas like Marketing, Legal, mobile, back and front end Development,  managing, security, and Design.
LuegoLuego covers several products to fulfill the buyer and business people needs and complete the idea usage flow.It starts from the Branding, then knowing the product, generating QRs, scanning these codes and finally managing money.
- Pay using smartphones
- Apply new technologies
- Alternatives to physical card terminals
- Reduce wallets thief 
- Improve money  administration

- bank account and a cellphone owner
- Small business owners who needs to charge money via Credit/ Debit card. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

- Illustrator 
- Photoshop
- XD
-After Effects

My participation
I worked in a wide range of design areas, mostly user interface but also graphic design, user experience research, animation and Interaction design. Later on the progress of the project, a second multidisciplinary designer came to help by working on a complementary product.

1. Branding:
The logo was built as a representation of the bond between the client and the Business in a very simple image to make it pregnable, a color palette was chosen to stand out over the rest of the companies dedicated to charge money like banks and electronic devices but also as a fresh and clean new way to see the product.
The typography selected was due the simplicity that it takes to make textual content readable and this project needed to display several data tables and textual content so Open Sans was the weapon of choice.

Color pallet:
2. Knowing The product, Websites:
We created a pair of informative websites, one for the buyer and a second one for the product or service seller each one may have the proper information  
It Starts with the mobile app for the final client, made for scanning the QR code built in native iOS and Android. Then a responsive web application, where the business could manage their QR codes to charge
3. Creating QRS, the business web-app Tool
This web-app was created by my fiend Serguei Orosco an expert in product design and user experience planning, he created this Responsive tool for the business users. 
The main feature of this tool was built to create and manage QRs, each one is identified as an ID of a branch business, a cashier or a delivery man, this QR creation section was the final screen for the buyer to scan and pay. The sales history section was created to see the past movements from each QR scanned. Several sections were created to manage the businesses sales with statistics and client reports the easiest way possible. 
4. Scan and buy things, the buyers mobile app
The final user that pays for the service and/or products gets a mobile app to use their bank card in a digital way instead of using a phisical card to make purchases and complete the product cycle. It also contains a list of your purchases and in case that the user misses the app; emails are sent on each purchase made.
To be continued...

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