Zoológico de Guadalajara
Product design, Mobile & Web, interaction design, User Experience research, and Illustration.
About this project
Work curated by Alpha Wave Systems, about improving the user experience at the Guadalajara city Zoo.

My participation
I worked in a wide range of design areas, from UX research, UI design, Illustration, 3d modeling, mobile and web design.
User experience research
Several scouting visits had to be realized using a camera,  pen, and paper just to feel a live experience, then other more technical visits where a drone and a GPS positioner were used. 
When I got enough research, I noted down these goals to achieve on this project:

- Online ticket sale, to avoid lines and have better control.
- General information about tickets, animals, and attractions.
- Improved navigation with local maps tracking your place in real-time

We created an app to let the user buy tickets, have access to information about the animals, the attractions, prices, and also have better navigation at the Zoo. 
The result ended up with a three-phase experience:
1. Preparing for the adventure
 The user has the idea of taking his family to the Zoo, searches the Zoo by google, finds a site and information about the app, gets the app, buys tickets and checks for the day's weather, what to bring and how to get there with the less amount of traffic.
2. Convey and access
 The user now has the tickets and it's heading to the zoo by car or bus according to the given route, then entering the Zoo by scanning the digital ticket stored in the app (or email)
3. Exploring 
Walking randomly is the average but having a digital map with annotations of all animals, places and facilities helps a lot. The map uses the device's GPS to constantly track the user in every spot of the Zoo, a great tool to search and find everything.
The Visual design + Interface design
The interface was created according to the City Zoo color scheme, using shades and gradients of orange, green, brown, and whites. With simple iconography and illustrated leaves, the Interface is complemented to give the user the feel as a kind of a jungle theme and the usage of rounded edges everywhere to give the user a friendly look and lots of sliders, to make the navigation easy to go through.
The topography used all along the app is Open Sans,  a Sans serif font type to make the content easy to read.
The photography is used to present the installations and animals. The geography of the place is represented by 3d models with handmade illustrations of the main characters of the Zoo.
Map's Visual design:
A lot of illustrations were handcrafted to represent the most popular animals placed the map in the app using Procreate and a rotoscope technique (which is drawing over a picture to get the best proportions of the object). 
The map itself was a co-work between illustration and 3d modeling for the geographical levels, roads, and buildings.

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